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Poly-Reactor™ Multi-Media Reactor
  • Equipped ready to use
  • Variable flow water pump
  • Intake and output tubing
  • Easy twist off top with recessed o-ring
  • Use in-sump or hang on tank
  • Sediment discharge filter
  • Up flow filtration
  • Specifications
  • Models
  • Parts
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
Model PR30/30
ViaAqua® Poly Reactor™ is built with high quality acrylic and an easy to remove lid with a recessed o-ring. The reverse water flow design eliminates water channeling through the filter media thus efficiently utilizing filtering media. ViaAqua® Poly Reactor™ comes complete and ready to run with a pump and all plumbing parts. ViaAqua® Poly Reactor™ is designed to be installed either in-sump or hang on the tank.
Applications for PR 20/20:
The ViaAqua® Poly-Reactor™ is used for a number of different applications: phosphate resins, phosphate sponge, activated carbon, nitrate sponge and other resin filtering media. When the ViaAqua® Poly-Reactor™ is used with activated carbon, a higher flow pump can be used.
Setup #1: carbon and phosphate. Setup #2: carbon, sand and phosphates.

Item no. Description Dimension Capacity UPC# 0069037
PR20/20 Poly-Reactor (small) 4" W x 15" H 10-75 gal. 2925 3
PR30/30 Poly-Reactor (large) 5.5" W x 23.5 " H 50-200 gal. 3018 1
RAC-29222 Media Sponge (PR 20/20) 2 pk. - - 2922 2
RAC-30228 Media Sponge (PR 30/30) 2 pk. - - 3022 8
PR 20/20 PART LIST  
  1. Reaction chamber
  2. Down tube
  3. Intake tube
  4. Sediment discharge filter
  5. Barbed fitting
  6. Lock nut
  7. Lid
  8. O-ring
  9. Media sponge
  10. Media strainer
  11. Hanger
  12. Suction cup bracket
  13. Control valve
  14. Pump
  15. Tubing
PR 30/30 PART LIST  
  1. Reaction chamber
  2. Latches
  3. Down tube
  4. Sediment discharge filter
  5. Barbed fitting
  6. Lock nut
  7. Lid
  8. O-ring
  9. Media sponge
  10. Media strainer
  11. Hanger
  12. Suction cup bracket
  13. Control valve
  14. Pump
  15. Tubing (6ft.)
  1. Choose a desired location for Poly reactor.
  2. Place pump in desired location.
  3. Secure the pump and connect a piece of tubing from the pump to the center barbed fitting (IN) secure the tubing with the compression nut.
  4. Connect discharge tubing to the output of the poly reactor and secure the tubing with compression nut.
  5. Connect the sediment discharge filter to the end of the output tubing.
  6. Secure the output tubing and sediment discharge filter with suction cups.
  7. Unlatch lid and remove it.
  8. Remove the top media sponge and media strainer.
  9. Add desired media (follow manufactures guidelines for media requirements for a given aquarium size. flow rate and precautions.)
  10. Replace media sponge and media strainer.
  11. Verify the O-ring is clean and free of all media. A small amount of silicone lubricant can be used to ensure a good seal.
  12. Replace lid press directly down so that the down tube agains with the barbed fitting (IN).
  13. Secure with latches.
  14. Plug pump into a GFCI outlet.
A) Hang-on Tank
B) Sump
 PR20/20 Poly-Reactor™ Instructions.
 PR30/30 Poly-Reactor™ Instructions.
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  1. Routine maintenance is required to ensure the maximum performance and the longevity of the ViaAqua® water pump.
  2. For proper operation of the water pump: clean the pump, impeller and intake strainers every three weeks. Failure to do so will cause premature failure of the pump.
  3. Basic maintenance of the ViaAqua® pump:
  1. Disconnect the water pump from the power supply prior removing the pump from the aquarium.
  2. Remove either the prefilter or intake filter strainer. Rinse out prefilter sponge of all debris.
    Remove the impeller cover.
  3. Once the impeller cover is removed, slide both the impeller and shaft out of the main body of the pump and clean well. Do not use any soap or detergents during cleaning.
  4. After the impeller and shaft are cleaned, use a small brush to clean inside of the motor housing .
  5. Reassemble above parts and your ViaAqua® pump is ready to use. Make sure the bushing is reassembled properly. Failure to do so will cause permanent damage to the pump.
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