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Pond Pump
  • High water flow
  • Energy efficient and internal use
  • Directional vortex impeller
  • Fountain head kits included
  • Thermally protected
  • Encapsulated pre-filter
  • Models
  • Parts
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
Item no. Flow rate max. head wattage UPC # 0069037
BH 1000AD 342 GPH 3.93 ft. 7.5 w 2941 3
BH 2000AD 600 GPH 4.92 ft. 20 w 2942 0
BH 4000AD 1105 GPH 8.53 ft. 46 w TBA
BH 6000AD 1579 GPH 10.17 ft. 74 w TBA
    • BH 1000AD
    • BH 2000AD
    1. Three tier head
    2. Two tier head
    3. Fountain head uplift
    4. Tube adapter
    5. Water bell head
    6. Fountain head adapter
    7. Uplift tubes
    8. Valve & water diverter
    9. Diverter cap
    10. Pump strainer
    11. Impeller cover
    12. Impeller
    13. Pump
    14. Additional pre-filter
    15. Additional pre-filter bracket
    16. Main pre-filter
    17. Clasp
    1. Water bell head
    2. Dual tier head
    3. Three tier head
    4. Uplift tube
    5. Uplift tube coupler
    6. Valve & water diverter
    7. Diverter cap
    8. Barbed pipe adapter
    9. Pump strainer
    10. Impeller cover
    11. Impeller
    12. Pump
    13. Additional pre-filter
    14. Additional pre-filter bracket
    15. Main pre-filter
    16. Clasp
  1. Open both, front and back clasps.
    See diagrams 1.1 and 1.2.
  2. Now, open the main pre-filter.
  3. Connect the additional pre-filter to the main pre-filter. See diagram 2.
  4. Close the main pre-filter.
  5. Close and secure both clasps.
  6. See part list diagrams for model BH-1000AD and BH-2000AD fountain head installation.
  7. There are different options of the fountain head. Choose the appropiate setting depending on the application.
  8. Place the pump in desired location. If pump is placed in a pond, raise the pump off the bottom of the pond by a minimum of 6 inches.
  9. Start the ViaAqua® Pond Pump.

download  Pond Pump Instructions.
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If the water flow decreases, it’s a clear sign that debris is in the impeller or the pre-filter is clogged. It is the hobbyist’s sole responsability to ensure the pump is maintained frequently. Failure to properly maintain the pump will cause premature damage to the ViaAqua® Pond Pump.
Recommended routine maintenance: every 30 days.

  1. Disconnect the pump from the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) power supply prior to removing the pump from the water.
  2. Open both, front and back clasps.
  3. Remove the pump from the main pre-filter.
  4. Clean the main and additional pre-filter.
  5. Remove the impeller well cover.
  6. Once the impeller well cover is removed, slide both the impeller and shaft out of the main body of the pump, and clean it well.
  7. Verify the impeller is free of all dirt and debris.
    Note: Do not use any soap or detergent during cleaning.
  8. Once the impeller and shaft are cleaned, use a small brush to clean inside the motor housing.
  9. Place the impeller back into the pump.
  10. Reassemble above parts and your ViaAqua® Pond Pump is ready to use. Note: All washer and bushing must be reassembled properly. Failure to do so will cause permanent damage to the pump.
  11. Insert the pump back to the main pre-filter. Attach additional pre-filter and start the ViaAqua® Pond Pump.
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