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VITALife™ Hang-On Back
Power Filter

Vitalife™ Hang-On Back power filter is equipped with a mechanical filter, chemical carbon filter and large biological filter. These are user friendly and include an easy to change filter cartridge for easy filter maintenance.

- Complete with Biological Filter
- Adjustable surface skimmer (M200)

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UTC Modular Canister Filter w/ UV Sterilizer
VITALife™ M200 Model

Adjustable surface skimmer
  • Filtration system is mechanical, chemical and biological
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Ideal for use in both fresh and saltwater aquarium
  • Includes easy to change filter cartridge
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Water first flow through the mechanical filter-removes large debris → carbon-removes odor and discoloration → biological filter cartridge- which provides large amount of surface area for beneficial bacteria to cultivate and breakdown organics

  Item No. Description UPC No.
SWM 118
VitaLife™ Hang-On Power Filter M100
SWM 180
VitaLife™ Hang-On Power Filter M200
  1. Biological filter
  2. Mechanical/chemical filter
  1. Place the VITALife™ Hang-On Back Filter on the back of the aquarium
  2. Insert filter into the unit
  3. Fill the unit with water from the aquarium
  4. Place the filter lid on the unit
  5. Plug the VITALife™ Hang-On Back Filter system into the GFCI electrical outlet using a drip loop
  6. Check for any leaks
 VITALife™ Hang-on the Back Instruction.

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FILTER CARTRIDGES (every 3 - 4 weeks)
  1. Remove the filter cartridge and replace
  2. Bio-grid does not need to be replaced. Clean with aquarium water and place back into the filter. Do not clean with tap water as this will kill beneficial bacteria

IMPELLER (every month)

  1. Remove the filter from the aquarium
  2. Remove water
  3. Remove the pump
  4. Clean the impeller and shaft well
  5. With a small brush clean the inside of the impeller well
  6. Reassemble
  7. Apply a small amount of silicone lubricant to the o-ring and reinstall pump
  8. Follow installation instructions


Remove the intake tube and intake strainer and clean with a bottle brush

 Replacement filter cartridges.
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